Line Zero - Winter 2012. Volume 2, Issue 2

Line Zero hosts literary, poetry and art & photography contests each issue, but that’s only half of what we publish. In addition to the wonderful art and writing, we publish editorial content from writers, industry professionals and artists currently deep in the trenches of the creative process.

So, what’s in the sixth issue?

Editorial Content

Readers Writing, Writers Reading – Priscilla Long
The Use And Misuse Of Details – Jason Black
Problems In Twilight And Other YA Romances – Katie Flanagan
No One Ever Asked Me That – Catherine Levison
Chris Ballew & Nathan Larson – Sarah Martinez
Divine Lapses Of Sense – Marc Polonsky
Ten (Honest) Reasons Your Manuscript Has Been Rejected—Renda Dodge
Occupied – Sarah Page
Enjoying The Climb – Katie Connors
Business Planning For Independent Publishers – Nathan Everett
Small Press And Hybrid Publishing – Katherine Sears
Before The Page: How To Keep Yourself Writing – John J. Walsh IV


Winner: Jim Davis – Good Habits
Editor’s Choice: Brock Dethier – Django’s Little Finger & Jami Kali – Paper Palace
Jeremiah Akin – Strip
Ryan Keith – Tomatillo
Kirby Wright – At Crater Lake, Oregon
Rhiannon M. Hartman – Finding Your Home
Lance Nizami – Mars
Rebecca Echeverria – Nuestra Mama


Winner: Eric Lutz – Reproductive Patterns of the Wandering Albatross
Editor’s Choice: Zach Hively – Such a Lovely Girl
Marissa Dalgetty – Easy Cheese on the Beach
Mark Barkawitz – Life in the Fairlane
Camille Leon – The Friendly Death
Liz Hart – Chasing the Sun

Art & Photography

Winner: Vera Pashkevich
Editor’s Choice: David Fox & Sandi Elle
Ray John, Pancho Vining, Justin Olechiw, Daniel Butler, J.T. Liss, Baso Fibonacci, Lindsey Wasson, Jon Damaschke, Dj Boy, Wren Donofrio, Binah Yeung, Keith Wilson, Amy Guidry, Carole Cohen

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Line Zero - Winter 2012. Volume 2, Issue 2
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